Alumawood Patio Covers Pros and Cons

Patio covers are great additions that elevate the outdoor aesthetic of homes. One of the materials rising in popularity for building patio covers is alumawood. Exploring alumawood patio covers pros and cons reveals a balance between the attractive wood-like appearance and the higher costs.

This is why you should read up on them before investing in one. Below, we will tell you all about the advantages and minor disadvantages of alumawood. 

Are Alumawood Patio Covers Good for the Outdoors?

Alumawood patio covers are made from aluminum, embossed, and painted to look like wood. With alumawood, you essentially get the best of both worlds without choosing between wood or aluminum.

Alumawood is a unique alternative for a patio cover, as it looks and feels like natural cedar. You will get all the benefits of aluminum with the pleasing aesthetics of wood. The composite material is manufactured from recycled aluminum with a wooden texture.

It is available in various colors and may mimic the texture of any natural wood. Our client may get an alumawood solid or an alumawood lattice patio cover.

Alumawood Patio Covers Pros and Cons


Alumawood Patio Covers Pros and Cons

Alumawood patio covers may provide a durable outdoor retreat without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal. Like any other material, alumawood comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

Alumawood pros and cons:

Alumawood Pros  Alumawood Cons
Low Maintenance  Noise
Long Lasting  Cost
Weather Resistance 
Energy Efficient 
Built to Code

Alumawood patio advantages

Low maintenance

Unlike natural wood, alumawood does not require regular sealing and coating for protection. Alumawood is low maintenance and will not peel, rot, or crack with time, as wood would. So you won’t need to worry about adding a protective coating. 

Alumawood is easy to clean as well. Just use soap and water, scrub the surface, and rinse it with water. Simple as that.


Alumawood’s extended durability is due to its aluminum makeup as it’s not an organic product. Alumawood patio covers often last for decades as opposed to wood patio covers, which duration depends on the wood quality and other weather conditions. For example, wood often starts degrading 24 months after installation if not properly maintained, something that’s not the case with aluminum.

Weather resistance 

Alumawood offers high weather resistance, perfect for the harsh Arizona temperatures. During the hot summers, the patio cover provides a much-needed shade. Plus, alumawood patio covers may withstand heavy wind conditions. If correctly installed, alumawood can withstand winds that reach up to 115m/h.  

Energy efficient 

Due to its composition, an alumawood patio cover creates a warm space in the winter and a cool space in the summer. This is why alumawood patio covers are energy efficient. When attached to your house, they may help reduce the usage of your cooling and heating systems.


With an alumawood patio cover, you won’t need to worry about the material soaking up water like with wood. The design of our patio covers allows the water to run off into the gutter system. In fact, water is no concern at all for alumawood. A good rain will only make your patio look better by washing away the dust and grime. 


While it looks like wood, alumawood is much lighter and incredibly flexible due to its aluminum composition. Its aluminum composition allows us to offer many design options to our clients. You can choose to get a larger patio cover without any need for additional reinforcements. 

Built to code 

We build all our alumawood patio covers with the Uniform Building Code in mind. All engineering plans are ICBO-approved and meet the state building codes. This means you will not have to worry about your structure not complying with existing codes.

Alumawood patio disadvantages 


Because alumawood is built from recycled aluminum, you should expect more noise than wood. The noise is especially noticeable when it rains as the metal creates an impact sound. 


With an alumawood patio cover, you should expect to pay more upfront than with other materials. Still, even if alumawood is more expensive upfront, it pays off in the long run due to being low maintenance and long-lasting.

Alumawood patio disadvantages



Regarding the alumawood patio covers pros and cons; the advantages far outweigh the few cons. Alumawood patio covers are built to last long while being relatively low maintenance.

Plus, if you like how a wood patio cover looks but want something that lasts long, alumawood is perfect. Alumawood is made from aluminum yet has the texture and look of natural wood.

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