Is wood or Alumawood a superior material for patio covers?

When you finally decide that a patio cover is a good investment, you need to decide on the type of material you would like to have. Two of the more popular options include wood and alumawood. But which one is better? Keep reading as a few of our readers cast their votes. And they’ll explain why.

Phi Dang

Phi Dang

Dang, Director of Sidepost.

Alumawood is Durable

Alumawood is made from aluminum, while wood patio covers are made from, well, wood. This means that alumawood is much more durable and weather-resistant than wood.

Alumawood is much easier to maintain than wood; it doesn’t require any sanding, staining, or sealing, and it won’t rot or crack over time as compared to wood.

Alumawood is better because it’s much more durable and weather-resistant than wood. This makes it a better choice for areas with harsh weather conditions. It’s more affordable than wood, making it a more budget-friendly option.

Alumawood is Weather-Resistant

Wood is a great option for a patio cover if you’re after style because a craftsperson can manipulate wood to create the style you want. However, it’s quite hard to maintain because your patio cover will be exposed to weather, which could easily degrade its quality.

Meanwhile, alumawood can also be manipulated to create the look you want, but without the downsides of wood. Alumawood can stand weather changes. It’s also metal, so you don’t have to worry about termites.

Giovanni Scippo

Giovanni Scippo

Giovanni Scippo, Director at 3D Lines.

Adam Rossi

Adam Rossi

Adam Rossi, CEO of TotalShield.

Alumawood is Low-Maintenance

While wood is a classic patio cover material, Alumawood is a relatively new development. Alumawood is, essentially, an aluminum patio cover that can be custom fitted to your patio just like a wood cover and has a classic wood look.

[Alumawood] requires less maintenance than wood because it doesn’t rot in humid/wet climates. Also, since it’s made of metal, your alumawood patio cover won’t fall victim to termites. In most cases, alumawood is a more low-maintenance option that can last just as long as wood.

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