Adding a covered patio - Alumawood patio cover Benefits

How can you benefit from adding on an Alumawood patio cover in Phoenix, Arizona weather?

Alumawood Installer Scottsdale - Alumawood project in Scottsdale AZ 85259.

Adding a covered patio onto an existing shade structure, instead of creating another stand alone structure, blends the addition seamlessly into the pre-existing one, creating a coherent design. The dark patio cover compliments the light color of the home wonderfully. By building onto the existing structure, in this case the home itself, we did not need to add any posts. This frees up much needed backyard space, so that the customer can set up outdoor seating without having to navigate around posts. The low-profile design of this lattice cover gives it a nice finish, one that accents the home and creates a cohesion between the added shade cover and the home.

Adding a Lattice Alumawood Patio Cover Phoenix – Increasing the value of the home

This lattice alumawood patio cover Phoenix will add to the value of the home as well. An added on shade structure such as this will not only help the current owner by providing more shade to the outdoor grill space, but will add value when the current owner tries to sell the home. This sharp look of a dark brown contrasted with the lighter brown of the home will draw much attention to a potential buyer. Not only does this serve a very functional purpose in the backyard, it is also serves a financial purpose as well. These lattice covers are competitively priced, and can be custom built to your own backyard needs. We believe creating a personal shade structure like the one pictured will give you a more enjoyable space for you and your family to unwind and relax under. Do not hesitate to give us a call and see what we can do for your own backyard shade needs.

Alumawood Installer Scottsdale - Alumawood project in Scottsdale AZ 85259.

This customer wanted to extend their current shade structure by adding on an Alumawood lattice patio cover. This addition gives more coverage to the customer’s current setup, and allows for the whole outdoor floor space to be covered by shade when the sun is directly above. As you can tell, the previous shade design had allowed for the sun to heat up parts of the outdoor flooring, making those areas hard to use in the middle of a hot day. By tacking on this lattice cover, we completed the coverage of the outdoor flooring. This gives the customer the ability to use all of their outdoor flooring that would previously have been absorbing heat from the sunshine.

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