Arizona Sun and an Arizona Room

Living in Arizona  can be miserable and hot, but  installing an Arizona room can help you get past the heat of this rather large state we live in.  While we are a large state most of the population of Arizona, however,  lives in Maricopa County.

Arizona Heat and Getting an Arizona Room

Unfortunately, Maricopa County is part of the Sonoran desert, which has some of the hottest summer recorded temperatures in America. Normal summer temperatures in the Valley of the Sun can reach 100 degrees or well above 100. Urban heat islands, or UHI are another contributing factor of summer temperatures in the Phoenix area. There are only a few ways of dealing with this kind of excessive heat. One of the best ways is to provide some sort of shelter, such as an an Arizona room.

Arizona Sun and an Arizona Room

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An Arizona room increases both your square footage as well as offering you a haven year round. Arizona Rooms follow trends in history.  An Arizona room is a structure, which is securely attached onto the side of a house, and allows a view of the surrounding scenery while being sheltered from adverse weather conditions such as rain, extreme sunlight, and wind.

What Is An Arizona Room Made Of

As a rule, such rooms are made of a lot of glass, with clear windows on the side and different types of roofing. The roof of such a room is often frosted glass or translucent plastic. Styles can vary, but some rooms are built solely for the view, and others are designed for natural light and warmth. Arizona rooms aren’t your only option, however.

What About Patio Covers?

Patio covers are another viable way of beating the heat as well. Patio covers in Scottsdale offer shelter from the sun while allowing to still enjoy the sunlight, particularly during the summer. With a patio cover, you get to have an attached open air room to your home. Consider several things before you go for a patio cover, however.

For starters, what do you want to make them out of? Patio covers are made from wood, fabric or metal. Aluminum patio covers have advanced significantly for example. Aluminum is not nearly as expensive as wood, but aluminum can be made to look like wood and comes in multiple colors. You have to consider the weather for your area. Fabric patio covers are not good choices in areas with extremely high winds. Once you figure out what it’s made of, then you have to give some thought to the design too.

Do you want American Traditional or Modern? What color do you want? How well will it match your house? Get in touch Royal Covers of Arizona for additional information.  We can build Scottsdale patio covers, sun rooms and a lot more.

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