Are Aluminum Patio Covers Loud in the Rain?

Patio covers are a great way to achieve a unique and charming look in your outside space. When looking for a pergola, it is essential to use a material that can withstand the hot Arizona sun, like aluminum. But are aluminum patio covers loud in the rain?

Let’s dive in to find out!

Are Aluminum Patio Covers Loud in the Rain?

Since aluminum is a metal, a patio cover manufactured with it is expected to make noise. But, unless you live in a place where you are in the middle of a storm every day, it isn’t a noise that will bother you. 

Living in sunny Arizona, where there are barely over a month’s worth of rainy days, this isn’t a concern for most of our clients.

Our clients can choose one of our several designs of Alumawood patios and significantly enhance their outdoor space. Moreover, if you have an insulated patio cover, the noise from the rain will be even more reduced, making it even harder to notice.

Our Alumawood pergolas are the perfect addition to add a unique charm to your outdoor living space. Built from durable materials, including aluminum, our patio covers are designed to withstand harsh weather like Arizona’s high heat.

Are Aluminum Patio Covers Loud in the Rain


Are Aluminum Patio Covers Louder Than Other Materials in the Rain

While aluminum patio covers can make more noticeable noise during rain than wood covers, the noise is actually less than some may expect. For example, noise is measured in decibels, so the noise of rain hitting an aluminum patio registers around 50 dB.

To put this into perspective, the noise of a normal conversation hovers between 50-60 dB. This shows that the noise of rain on the aluminum patio cover is essentially equivalent to that of an air conditioner. 

In other words, it should register as nothing but a background noise that blends in. In fact, many like the gentle pitter-patter of rain on an aluminum patio and find the noise soothing. 

The Best of Both Worlds – Alumawood Patio Covers

If you choose the insulated Alumawood option, the noise will be even less noticeable. With Alumawood, you get the aesthetic appeal of wood while the practical benefits of aluminum. 

With Alumawood, you don’t have to concern yourself with comparing the disadvantages between the two. You can simply enjoy all the benefits it offers. Wood is timeless for a reason, but under the harsh Arizona sun, it stands no chance of retaining its look unchanged. 

Alumawood covers look the same as wood despite being made from aluminum. Plus, unlike wood, aluminum is low-maintenance, so you won’t need to worry about going out to maintain it, especially during the hot summer days.

Benefits of Alumawood Patio Covers


Alumawood is made of 95% recycled aluminum, making it one of the most eco-friendly building materials available. Best of all, the recycled material can be recycled once again after you no longer use it.

Another thing that contributes to its sustainability is that Alumawood is lightweight, which means it costs less to transport. 

Weather resistant 

Over time, materials like wood or steel are likely to be negatively impacted by weather changes. For example, wood is an organic material, so with the passage of time and the weather changes, it will start to rot.

On the other hand, steel may rust over time due to moisture build-up. So, with rain, the biggest problem with steel is corrosion, not noise. 

Both of these potential issues can be avoided with Alumawood. Because it is made from aluminum, which isn’t an organic material, it won’t rot, and unlike steel, it is unaffected by moisture. 

Plus, Alumawood is covered with its signature Teflon surface protector. The protector repels stains, dirt, dust, and oil and reduces corrosion. 

Flexibility and customization

Alumawood offers greater flexibility compared to other materials because it’s made from recycled aluminum. This allows us to offer more designs to our clients and help them achieve their dream look for their outside space. 

Alumawood feels and looks like wood while offering all the benefits of aluminum. With Alumawood, you have many color and customization options.

Benefits of Alumawood Patio Covers



Are aluminum patio covers loud in the rain? While aluminum covers aren’t as quiet as wood, they aren’t unbearably loud when it rains. Since aluminum is metal, rain falling on it will make noise. But the noise is pretty gentle; for some, it is even soothing.

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