5 Reasons You Need a Permanent Patio Cover

It doesn’t get much better than sitting out on your porch with an ice-cold lemonade and a good book. That is unless the midday sun is glaring down at you, making being outside unbearable. Or, an unexpected downpour soaks the pages of your book.

You could easily avoid those things if you had a patio cover in place. But not just any cover, one that you can rely on. Because of the harsh weather we get in Arizona, many enjoy having permanent patio covers. Let’s examine the benefits.

1. More Outdoor Time

Having a patio cover in Arizona makes outdoor entertaining more enjoyable and more attainable. You will be able to enjoy your patio virtually any time of the year, no matter what’s in the forecast. This means more opportunities for entertaining guests or simply just enjoying some peace and quiet.

If it’s raining, no worries, you are covered, literally. Your barbeque or other get-togethers won’t have to be canceled because of the rain. With a quality patio cover, you can sit out and watch the rain pour down as you and your guests stay nice and dry.

Sunny days in Phoenix happen more than 80% of the year. A patio cover will provide much-needed shade no matter what time of day. Along with the shade, you simply need a nice hammock, a good book, and a slight breeze to complete a perfect afternoon.

To make your patio even more inviting, you can hang decorative lights, add some fans, install a TV, or even an outdoor kitchen. Combine these with some comfortable outdoor furniture, and your guests may never want to leave.

2. Protect Your Outdoor Furniture

The comfortable outdoor furniture we just mentioned will last much longer when under a patio cover.

Furniture exposed to direct sunlight is more susceptible to damage, dramatically decreasing its lifespan. Not only can the cushions of your outdoor furniture fade, but they can stiffen, making them increasingly uncomfortable to sit on.

Rain and snow can also wreak havoc on your outdoor furniture, causing rust or rot to set in. Your furniture may quickly lose its visual appeal, or you may have to replace it more frequently than you want to.

But, with a permanent patio cover, you will be able to keep your outdoor furniture looking (and feeling) great for years to come. Your patio area will be a more comfortable and eye-catching space to entertain your guests.

3. Added Privacy

Since your patio is an extension of your living space, it is reasonable to want some privacy while enjoying the area. Having a patio cover brings the added bonus of more privacy in your backyard.

With more privacy and seclusion from your neighbors, you can make your patio feel like more of a haven or sanctuary. This also helps protect you from the scrutiny of nosey neighbors. If you want to sit out in your underwear to read the Sunday paper, no one will be the wiser.

4. Less Maintenance

With a patio cover, your deck or patio will require much less maintenance. This includes less cleaning, less snow removal, and less refinishing.

Before hosting an outdoor get-together, most of us want to tidy up our patio areas, making sure things are in order. Well, your clean up will take far less time if you have a patio cover.

The amount of leaves and other debris blowing onto your patio will significantly decrease. Less time raking or hosing down your patio means more time to relax or prepare a delicious meal before your guests arrive.

If you live in an area that receives any amount of snow, you know how tedious and time-consuming snow removal can be. With a cover in place, the need for snow removal on your patio will be minimal. Your cold fingers and toes will thank you.

Keeping your patio or deck covered means less maintenance on the area itself. If you have a wood deck or patio, at some point, it will need to be re-stained or refinished to keep it looking its best. However, this need will be much less frequent if it is covered.

No matter what material your deck or patio is made out of, the less it is exposed to the elements, the longer it will last.

5. Durability and Longevity

A patio umbrella is a nice accessory to a picnic table and can provide a small amount of shade to those few people lucky enough to be under it. But, if a strong wind comes through, you can kiss that umbrella goodbye.

A pop-up gazebo is a good idea for taking to the park or the beach, but it’s not ideal for a long-term set-up. While it may be larger and more durable than an umbrella, it’s still not going to hold up in a windstorm. Portable gazebos take to the air much like a giant kite.

Quality permanent patio covers, such as those made from Alumawood, are built to last. These patio covers can withstand even the harshest of weather and will for many years.

It’s plain to see that if you like to spend any amount of time in your backyard, you need to consider investing in a permanent patio cover. Talk to a patio cover contractor about adding a permanent cover to your outdoor patio.

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