Uses for a Sun Room (Contd.)

One of the many uses for a sun room is container gardening…

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Container Gardening in a Sun Room

As you probably know by now, sun rooms can also be used as solariums. What a lot of people don’t know however is that there is a fine line between a solarium and a green house.

The combination of abundant sunshine and a warm temperature makes a sun room a perfect environment for growing plants. And one way to do this in a sun room is to do container gardening. Here are some helpful tips to grow vegetables with container gardening:

Step 1

Choose a location for the pots that gets at least six hours of sun. Eight is optimum. Since the ingredients for salsa are warm season vegetables, they grow best during the summer. In Arizona this means that they require shade from the blistering sun. Place the pots where they will get morning sun and afternoon shade.

Step 2

Fill the pots with fresh potting soil to within 2 inches of the rim of the pot. Water until the soil is soaked. Squeeze a handful of soil to test the moisture level.

Step 3

Select indeterminate tomatoes, they continue to grow and produce during most of the summer. Varieties include cherry tomatoes, which only need to be sliced in half for salsa. Different colored tomatoes are fun as well. Choose yellow, orange, chocolate or even white tomatoes. Smaller early varieties grow better in Arizona. Most tomatoes stop producing when temperatures are over 100 degrees F.

Step 4

Cover the root ball and most of the stem with soil. This way the stem will root, which makes the plant stronger.

Step 5

Plant cilantro, garlic and green onions in one container. Plant garlic and onion sets so the growing tips are 1 inch under the soil. Sprinkle cilantro seed on top of the soil and then cover with 1/8 inch of soil. Water well. If it’s early spring, cover the top of the soil with black plastic to retain heat. As soon as the seeds sprout remove the plastic. Read More: How to Grow a Container Vegetable Garden in Arizona | Garden Guides

A Sun Room and Your Plants

It isn’t just vegetables that you can grow in a container garden however, you can also use your sun room to grow ornamental plants such as ferns and flowers.

So there is another use for a sun room, an indoor container garden.

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