Uses for a Sun Room

Uses for a Sun Room

There are a lot of uses for a sun room once you’ve installed one.  First off, though, let’s look at some historical ways that sun rooms have been used.

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Install an Arizona Room | (480) 926-2300


One of the uses of a sun room is to make it a solarium. What’s a solarium? According to Wikipedia:
“A solarium, is similar to a sunroom in that both are glass structures designed for people to enjoy the sun without being directly touched by the rays of the sun. The chief difference is that solaria often have curved glass corners and glass roofs. The term solarium is used to describe the large, glass rooms found on the rear of cruise ships for several cruise lines, including Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise Lines and Celebrity Cruises. In addition, solaria are often used for growing crops…”Read More

Sometimes solariums are great places to have plants.  You can have cacti, ferns and other sun-loving plants in your solarium, as well as places to sit down and read or have something to drink, or maybe even a light lunch.  A Solarium is made of  a glass roof and walls. Solariums are sometimes called conservatories as well. When you’re using a sun room as a solarium, you want as much light to come in as possible.   Solariums are often used in commercial applications such as cruise ships and , restaurants among other places.


Solariums and sun rooms were very popular during pre-WWII Europe, however, be aware that in Arizona they present unique challenges that have to be addressed.  For one thing, you want to make sure that you call a professional company to install a sun room.  They will be able to help you place it properly so it isn’t in the shadow all the time and if it is in Arizona’s full sun that there is a ventilation system, or series of ceiling fans.  Otherwise, the heat can be overpowering in a sun room in Arizona.  Another thing you want to consider is the materials that you’re going to use.  Vinyl is often used as is solarized glass.  Make sure that you go over the options available with your installer.

A solarium brings back a more elegant time.  It calls to mind the glories of the British Empire, and beautiful manor homes.  So you can add a touch of elegance to your home as well.  Install a sun room in Phoenix today.

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