Solar Panels Part 2: Homeowners and Solar

Part two of a three part series on solar power explores solar panels for homes.

In part one we covered the rise of solar as a viable source of energy.  Part three will cover solar panels for businesses and potential corporate tax breaks.

Should You Install Solar Panels for Your Home?

Solar Panels Part 2: Homeowners and Solar

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There is a lot of debate on the subject of installing solar panels for your home.  Some people say that you never really make your money back on them.  Others say that you have to wait at least a decade before you do.  Here are some facts to help you cut through all the confusion.  It is a proven fact that energy costs are rising.  Fossil fuel prices are going up as demand is increasing.  Over the past decade, energy costs have risen by a whopping 25%.  Alternative energy sources have to be considered.
Some, like biomass and hydrogen show promise, however, they are still too expensive to be viable.  Living in Arizona, we don’t have easy access to sources like tidal power, and wind power is highly intermittent.  So what is the only viable choice here?  Solar power, of course.

Another reason to consider home solar panels is that there are generous tax breaks and credits for installing them from the federal government.  In addition,  there are additional tax credits in a state with a high solar rating, such as Arizona, as well as cash back incentives.  Sound good so far?

How Many Solar Cells Do I Need?

First off there is a difference between solar panels and solar cells.  A solar panel has several cells.  In addition, the answer to this question depends really on how much electricity you use on a daily basis as well as placement of the solar panels.  The rule of thumb where solar power is concerned, is that  one  solar panel can generate 70 milliwatts per square inch for a total of roughly 350 milliwats per day.  A fairly average home uses about 14000 milliwatts in a 24 hour period, so if you wanted to 100% solar, you’d need 400 solar panels.  Remember though , that not all solar panels are huge.  Some solar panels can be as small as four square inches.

Solar is an energy source whose time has come.  Unlike nuclear energy which  is potentially dangerous, solar panel is safe. So if you want clean and renewable energy,  install solar panels today. We invite you to learn more about our Sol-Lux as well. These are incredible money saving additions to your home or business!

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