Solar Panels: It's More Than Just the Environment

Solar panels and the people who use them often have a reputation.  We know what  you’re thinking, however, you may be surprised at how solar has crept into the mainstream.

Solar Panel Installation and Arizona Life

Solar Panels: It's More Than Just the Environment

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Not so very long ago on the scheme of things, if you mentioned installing solar panels, you got a lot of push back, and assumptions about who and what you were. People assumed you were some aging hippie living in a geodesic dome, eating nothing but a vegan diet and pure wholesome granola, surrounded by children with names like Wind or Star. However, times have indeed changed.

Corporate America is often the antithesis of environmental concerns, however, corporations all over the US have started to install solar panels in greater numbers. Why? Because of the cost savings. The federal government gives lucrative tax rebates to businesses that install solar power, and the power companies also pay for surplus power. And it isn’t just companies that are interested in the solar revolution.

Solar Panels and Arizona Homes

Arizona is sunny for about 9-10 months of every year. That is a LOT of sunshine. Isn’t it a good idea to take advantage of a limitless source of clean energy that is literally right outside your door? It used to be that solar panels were just for hot water heaters, but not anymore. People have started to install solar panels on a greater level than before. Cost savings is only a small part of it.

The environment is not under the carpet anymore. With glaciers receding, rising sea levels, and the fact that we are in an interglacial epoch, climate change will be one of the issues that defines the 21st century and even centuries to come. There are scores of websites out there with tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint, and one of the best ways may surprise you. That’s right, simply by opting for solar panel installation, you are making a difference towards our planet, our home.

So as you see, it’s not only about wearing tie-dye and flashing a peace sign. Now solar power is so much more than that. We invite you to learn more about our Solar Awnings as well. These are incredible money saving additions to your home or business!

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