Patio Covers: Aluminum Vs. Wood

When you’re thinking of installing patio covers, you want to make sure that you pick the type that is right for your home.

Alumawood Solid Patio Cover in Mesa, Arizona

Alumawood Solid Patio Cover in Mesa, Arizona

What Patio Covers are Right for My Home?

Well, your home style will determine the type of patio covers that look best.  For example, if you have a masonry, adobe or other type of earth based home, then most likely, you’re looking at wood.  If you have a manufactured home, or a mobile home, then aluminum are your best bet.

When you’re thinking of installing, you want to look over different styles, and maybe work with a professional patio cover service to make sure you are getting the sort of cover that not only goes well with your home, it fits your budget as well.

Alumawood: The Best of Both Worlds

One type of patio cover that can be used on multiple home styles is Alumawood patio covers. Alumawood goes well with both manufactured houses and standard masonry or frame housing as well.  It can be made with all the knots and whorls of real wood, in short, it even has a grain.  If you want to install these covers, make sure you call a professional.  They will have all of the tools necessary for the job and will be able to schedule a time and day that fits your schedule.  Another thing that helps is their knowledge level.  But how do you find a patio cover dealer in your area?  Do a bit of research.  First off, most locally owned businesses are proud to proclaim things such as “family-owned” or “locally-owned.”  If not, a bit of looking around will help you to spot these businesses.  And there are a lot of good reasons to keep your business in your state.  One of the things to consider is that a locally owned business is run by people just like you.  They need their business more than a big company based somewhere else does.

Remember, you want to go local and buy local as much as you can. First off, when you buy from a locally owned business, more money stays in the community and in your state as well.  A nationwide chain however only keeps 3% of their money here.  The rest goes to a corporation somewhere else.  That’s why when it is time to look at home improvements, you want to make sure you find a locally owned patio cover installer that has been around for a while.

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