What type of patio cover do you suggest for the front of a house - solid or lattice?
Adding a patio cover to the front of your home can not only increase the curb appeal but also the value of your home. When deciding what kind of patio cover you want, there are two main options- lattice or solid. If you’re wondering which one is better, keep reading to see what these experts suggest.
Granger McCollough

Granger McCollough

Granger McCollough, CEO & Founder of Elite Patio Direct.

Avoid Discoloration – Choose A Solid Cover

Although I love the look of a lattice cover on a patio, I will always recommend a solid cover for one reason – discoloration.

You may not notice it, but UV rays will gradually discolor and fade your patio. It isn’t all that bad when there is no cover at all. But, when under a lattice covering, the chances are that some parts of your patio are going to be more faded than others.

There are ways to prevent this, you can seal your patio yearly, but this takes time and skill if you do it yourself and can be costly if you hire someone else.

A solid patio cover can protect your patio from discoloration or fading and give you some well-needed shade.

They Both Have Their Benefits

Lattice – A lattice patio cover gives you partial cover from the elements and sun. They work well in environments where rain isn’t a huge problem, and they allow humidity to release to keep the space cooler.

They’re also great for your outdoor plants to keep them happy with minimal rain or sunlight exposure. Finally, they’re a very stylish addition to your home.

Solid – On the other hand, you have solid patio covers. These covers give you more shading from the sun or rain, [which] can help keep the space much cooler, even during scorching weather. They prevent sun damage and can increase your home’s value.

Also, solid patio covers work well for preventing sunburn or the breakdown of your patio furniture from exposure to UV rays.

Jen Stark

Jen Stark

Jen Stark is the founder of
Happy DIY Home.

Jennifer Spinelli

Jennifer Spinelli

Jennifer Spinelli, Founder & CEO of Watson Buys.

Lattice is Preferred

Lattice patio covers offer an airy, open feel and provide some sun and rain protection while still allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space.

Solid patio covers provide more protection from the elements but can make your outdoor space feel more closed in.

In the end, the choice will depend on your particular preferences and how you want to use your outside area.

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