Outdoor Patio Furniture Mistakes to Avoid

Outdoor Patio Furniture Mistakes to Avoid

Adding comfortable and attractive patio furniture to your deck or patio is an easy way to increase your living space. Well-placed patio furniture will add a homey, inviting feel to any outdoor space. Once you create a cozy seating area, it can become a favorite place to make new memories.

When choosing your patio furniture, however, don’t make these mistakes:

Buying a Bargain Patio Furniture Set

A low-budget outdoor patio furniture set may seem appealing, but you will get what you pay for. Plastic patio chairs or outdoor dining sets, for instance, may look great in photos and may do the job for a year or two, but in time, their vibrant finish will break down after sitting in the sun.

Low-budget outdoor dining sets and patio chairs made of flimsy aluminum are more likely to topple over in the wind or get dinged or bent. Cheap fabrics will fade in the sun and tear easily in time. Though you may have gotten a set at low cost, chances are you’ll be buying a new patio furniture set again the following year or two.

If you must go “low budget” when choosing your outdoor patio furniture set, look for discounted patio furniture pieces of good quality. Choose those made of commercial-grade aluminum, cast aluminum or wrought iron for more endurance. Look for sale prices on good quality items.

Choosing Impractical Pieces

It’s tempting to walk into an outdoor patio furniture showroom and fall in love with a quirky porch rocker or other fun-looking and sometimes oversized patio furniture. When you get it home, however, you may find it overtakes your deck space or simply looks out of place.

Before investing in outdoor patio furniture, decide what type of patio furniture will best meet your goals for comfort and function. The first question to answer is how you hope to use your outdoor patio furniture. Do you plan to eat outdoors around an outdoor dining set? Do you prefer patio chairs or sectional seating that encourages conversation? How many guests do you see yourself seating at any one time? Would a coffee table suffice over an outdoor dining set? Or you can look into outdoor roller shades.

Failing to Assess Your Size Requirements

Every great outdoor space starts with a designated zone. Is the space you want to place new patio furniture large or small?

Get acquainted with your outdoor zone before shopping. Know its dimensions and plan for traffic flow. Then take note of the measurements listed in the specifications of the various pieces of outdoor patio furniture that appeal to you.

Photos of outdoor patio furniture can look great online or in a brochure, but make sure what you buy is suitable for your space. Look at the height, depth, length and width of the patio furniture in question. A number of sectionals are low to the ground. Compare the measurements so you’re not disappointed.

Failing to Coordinate Colors

A wide range of finishes and fabrics abound in outdoor patio furniture. When shopping for additional patio furniture, you’ll attain a more cohesive look if your color choices blend.

For hints as to what color of patio furniture to choose, consider complimenting your home’s brick or siding color, or even the shade of your deck flooring. Tie your furniture together with bold splashes of colored cushions or accent pieces.

Failing to Consider Strength and Comfort

Have you ever sat on a chair and felt as though it was giving way? You’ll want to choose patio furniture built strong enough to support your weight or that of your friends.

If the weight of a certain piece of patio furniture isn’t listed on a product’s list of specification, inquire. Especially if you are buying online, check the measurements and materials thoroughly.

Most heavygauge aluminum, metal, teak and outdoor resin wicker pieces will withstand whatever nature throws their way. Good quality patio furniture of this nature will look wonderful for years.

The trend today is to take your living or dining room outdoors where you can enjoy nature. Whether you’d simply like a nice seat area where you can your morning coffee, or enough outdoor seating for grandma’s birthday party, anything is possible. There is outdoor patio furniture to suit every space, vision and price point. Choose wisely. We also offer incredible Equinox Louvered Roof Systems. Be sure to check these out as well!

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