Is It Time for Solar Panels?

Solar panels take advantage of what is unquestionably one of Arizona’s abundant natural resources: almost limitless sunlight.  And solar panels make a nice addition to any home, particularly if you have a solid patio cover to attach them to.

Solar Panels and Patio Covers

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First off, what is a solar panel?  Most people know the answer to that, but still, a good explanation from WIKIPEDIA is:

A solar panel (also solar module, photovoltaic module or photovoltaic panel) is a packaged, connected assembly of photovoltaic cells. The solar panel can be used as a component of a larger photovoltaic system to generate and supply electricity in commercial and residential applications. Each panel is rated by its DC output power under standard test conditions, and typically ranges from 100 to 320 watts. The efficiency of a panel determines the area of a panel given the same rated output – an 8% efficient 230 watt panel will have twice the area of a 16% efficient 230 watt panel. Because a single solar panel can produce only a limited amount of power, most installations contain multiple panels.

To read more of this entry, please click here.  Otherwise, read on about placing your solar panel on one of our patio covers.

Placing a Solar Panel on a Patio Cover

Solar power requires exposure to the sun.  One of the best places to put a solar panel is on the roof, as there are usually no overhanging trees to block out the light, and they’re above anyplace where they can be damaged.  And a flat roof like a patio cover is almost perfect for them, particularly on a southern or western exposure.

Solar panel is a clean and renewable form of energy.  It helps to protect our planet, and save you more than a little money on your electric bill.  So what are you waiting for? Get the perfect combination: a patio cover topped by a solar panel installation.

Royal Covers of Arizona is a solar panel installation company that also provides shade sails, manufactured housing, patio covers, and Arizona Rooms. We invite you to learn more about our Sol-Lux as well. These are incredible money saving additions to your home or business!

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