How to Enclose a Pergola

A pergola is a sophisticated addition to any outdoor space. Our clients love pergolas because they add a touch of elegance while protecting from the sun. Yet, you may need to enclose the pergola during the winter months or in areas with extreme weather conditions. We will give you several ideas on how to enclose a pergola to make an enclosed outdoor space that can be used year-round.

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How to Enclose a Pergola

As the best Arizona pergola company, we know an enclosed pergola can be a real game changer for outdoor living. Pergolas are stylish and functional, whether you want to turn a deck into a relaxation place for any weather, make a shade, or create a modern architectural design.

There are several ideas for enclosing a pergola, such as adding a patio cover, installing screens, building a privacy wall, making a decorative partition design, installing a roof, and adding outdoor curtains or blinds.

Let’s go through these options thoroughly.

How to Enclose a Pergola


Patio cover

One popular option for enclosing a pergola is to add a patio cover. This can be a solid structure made of wood or metal attached to the top of the pergola, providing a roof-like cover. 

Patio covers can be custom-made to match the pergola design and style. Plus, they offer excellent protection from snow, rain, and sunlight. Patio covers also provide extra shade, making the enclosed space even more comfortable during summer.

Shade screens

Another great option for pergola enclosures is the shade screens. They are considered a modern alternative that will take your outdoor space to another level.

Screens can be made from different materials like bamboo, metal, or wood. They can enclose a pergola’s sides, creating a more private space. Screens can also protect from insects and pests while allowing a gentle breeze to flow through the enclosed area, especially during hot summer days.

Privacy wall

Privacy wall is a new invention and a step up from the privacy screens. Usually, the privacy wall is static and can be designed to let airflow and some light or be closed completely.

Entirely static privacy walls can become part of the whole interior design of the living space. It is worth mentioning that you can add a personal touch to the wall by attaching paintings or other decorations.

Decorative partition design

A partition design is an excellent option if you want to have distinct areas within your outdoor living space. For instance, if you want to put a pergola on your pool deck, having lounge chairs in the shade and a more private partitioned section further away from the pool will look nice.

With this partition design, you can create changing areas for your guests, an intimate space to read, relax, or dine. 

Roof option

Installing a roof is something that you can do before your pergola is built. A roof helps protect the pergola from snow and rain and keeps the heat within the area.

The good news is that you have an option to create an operable pergola roof. This is ideal if you want to open and close the roof, depending on whether you want shade. The roof option is good weather protection in the colder months and shade for the warmer months.

Outdoor curtains

Another option to enclose your pergola is heavy-duty curtains. Keep in mind to look for waterproof materials able to endure the elements.

Some curtains suit all pergola designs. The good thing about outdoor curtains is that they are not fixed and can provide an outdoor feel while you are in an enclosed space.

Outdoor blinds

There are different outdoor blinds, yet Venetian blinds are the most suitable for pergolas. They are a classic choice for pergolas because they allow ventilation and light control.

Moreover, you can find them in PVC, aluminum, and timber.

Interesting Enclosed Pergola Ideas

The possibilities to enclose your pergola are endless. The best is that you can customize the design of your pergola according to your needs.

These are some interesting enclosed pergola ideas:

  • Contemporary enclosed pergola – Modern pergolas are usually made of aluminum and are imagined to be an extension of the home and not a solo-standing construction. These pergolas are usually built by the pool or patio. You can enclose your pergola to use it for dining and socializing.
  • Classic enclosed pergola – A classic enclosed pergola is a structure with wooden columns. This space is usually used as a casual and cozy space for family gatherings during spring and summer. Even though enclosed, the classic pergola allows some sunlight and airflow while you enjoy the view of your garden. 
  • Hot tub hideaways – A pergola over a hot tub protects from debris and leaves that might clog the drains. The best pergola design for this purpose is a covered deck with retractable screens. You can allow enough light and airflow to make your experience unforgettable. 
  • Private retreat – You can relax and have “me time” in a pavilion-esque pergola structure. A pergola with closed sides will create a secret hideaway space.

So, can you fully enclose a pergola? Yes! You can use one of the many options that we have enlisted and enclose your pergola based on your preferences.

Interesting Enclosed Pergola Ideas



Now that it’s clear how to enclose a pergola, you can enjoy the winter months drinking hot cocoa in this private area or dining and socializing with friends all year round.

From patio cover, shade screens, and privacy wall to decorative partition design, roof options, and outside curtains and blinds, it is up to you how you will create your little piece of heaven. 

Improving the outdoor living space is increasingly popular. So, enclosing your pergola will add more comfort and privacy. Moreover, enclosing your pergola is far more than intimate and cozy. The enclosing options give you the benefit of flexibility and adaptability to change your area based on your mood or weather conditions.

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