How to Decorate a Pergola for a Wedding

Fresh flowers, ribbons, and a light summerish breeze make a fairytale backyard wedding setting. Looking at the different pictures and ideas makes you believe you can recreate almost anything, but in fact, it’s more difficult than it may seem, especially if you start on your own without prior guidelines. Take the pergola for an example. How to decorate a pergola for a wedding to look as dreamy as those ideas you find on the web and make a statement piece on your wedding day?

In this article, we offer you five creative ideas for a backyard wedding, a practical guide on how to decorate a pergola for a wedding, and other helpful tips to make your special day extraordinary.

What are Some Popular Ways to Decorate a Pergola for a Wedding?

Whether you’re looking for ideas on how to decorate a pergola for a wedding in monochrome, floral, or multi-color ideas for an outdoor wedding, we’ve gathered the most super creative ideas there are to make your wedding day even more special than it already is.

How to Decorate Pergola for Wedding

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The white sensation

One of the simplest and chic ways to decorate a pergola is to drape the pergola in white satin or white tules and tie it up with some fresh, colorful flowers or with a ribbon, depending on your preferred style. 

For this idea, you will only need a lot of tule or other white material to cover the pergola and create the draped effect. Also, you will need a good selection of flowers as they are the statement of the pergola.

Rustic wedding tone

If you have a wooden pergola that doesn’t go well with any cloth or tulle, don’t panic. You can never go wrong with flowers. You can only add fresh flowers and green leaves to frame the pergola. This way, you achieve that fairylike rustic look.

This idea is also suitable for all those wondering how to decorate a pergola for a wedding on a budget. Except for the flowers, and fastening materials to pin the flowers on the wood, you don’t need anything else. 

In the spirit of love and romance

Red, pink, white, champaign, and yellow are the symbol colors related to love, marriage, and romance overall. You can use your creativity to personalize the setting by adding more flowers in the colors associated with your relationship. 

Create a monochrome pergola in a color that symbolizes your love with several types of flowers. Or, create a multi-colored pergola in all love colors and different flowers. It’s up to you. If your wedding venue lacks a pergola, we are here to help.  If you don’t have a pergola and lack the inspiration for decorating a perfect wedding pergola, call us, one of the best alumawood pergola installers, to place a gazebo to make your big day exceptional.

Floating lanterns

To all of you asking what are some popular ways to decorate a pergola for a wedding, this one is just for you. Floating lanterns are the perfect pergola decorations that can make an evening wedding memorable. All you need for this idea is a dozen lanterns to put inside the pergola and some flowers to decorate the frame of the pergola. 

Once we install the pergola to your wedding venue, you can create a whimsical atmosphere for the wedding. You can hang a few lanterns on the pergola for romantic ambient lighting, and get a lantern for each guest to release as the day goes by. You will make a night to remember for everyone at your wedding, and the sight of the sky with hundreds of lanterns is a whole other story. Imagine the photos you can create under a lantern sky.

Arch with different flowers & alumawood pergola

This wedding decor idea for a pergola is reserved for having a movie-like wedding. If you always wanted to have a themed wedding, the pergola allows you the perfect setting for this idea. For this idea, you would need a wooden or alumawood pergola, an arch, and patio wedding decorations. Once we install the pergola at your wedding venue, you can start with the wedding decorations.

You can decorate it in the dominant colors of the movie, such as brown, olive green, sand, dusty rose, violet, and white. Furthermore, you can opt for exclusive flowers like violets, poppies, roses, and other flowers appearing in the movie or the novel.

On the other hand, you can even engrave your favorite quotes on small wooden plates and hang them where suitable to maximize your themed wedding party.

What are Some Popular Ways to Decorate a Pergola for a Wedding?

Source: / Photo Contributor: Joshua Rainey Photography


Pergolas can be difficult to decorate, which is understandable why many wonder what are some ideas for decorating pergola for a wedding. But, sometimes, all you need is a little inspiration to get the creative juices flowing.

With this article, we hope you’ve realized how to decorate a pergola for a wedding to have a dreamy backyard party without breaking the bank for wedding decor. Therefore, let us install your pergola,  go on and assess the situation, and start planning your pergola decoration. Have fun!

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