Design Elements Part II:  Add a Garage To Your Home

If you wish to add a garage to your home, it is another design element of a well-made home.  Why?  Well, for lots of reasons…

Add a Garage for Security

Design Elements Part II: Add a Garage To Your Home

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Adding a garage to your home helps to improve security for your car as well as providing a storage space as well.  Did you know that in the United States a vehicle is stolen once every 44 seconds?  While auto theft rates in Arizona have dropped, they are still a problem.  A lot of times, a stolen vehicle can be used to commit other crimes from robberies to abductions.  In other cases, the stolen car is basically stripped and the parts sold illegally on the black market.  If you think that with tighter border security that this problem has stopped, think again.  Now car thieves are just getting more inventive and chopping up cars in Phoenix instead of in Mexico. However, it isn’t just theft that you have to worry about.  There is also the problem of vandalism.

Where you live is only part of the problem.  People think that merely living in a nice neighborhood or a gated community is enough to stop vandalism.  It isn’t.  Installing a garage puts a locked barrier between you and any vandals.  However, besides security, there is also the added benefit of storage space.

Garages: A Design Element?

If you think that storage isn’t a design element, think again.  Aesthetics is only part of the many considerations that a design pro thinks of with a home.  You also want practicality.  A garage is multi-functional.  Not only does it provide a secure place for your vehicle, it also is an additional storage space.   Even with sufficient closet space, sooner or later, you’re going to run out of storage space.  That’s where garage installation comes in.   By reducing clutter, you improve the flow of your home, which is a proven design element.

You have particular ideas for how you want to use your space.  You want rooms that are pleasant to be in, and a kitchen that fits your needs.  However, don’t neglect other design elements in your home, such as a place to store your stuff as well as keep it safe.  And what is the best solution for this?  Installing a garage, of course.

Part one of this series explored the use of natural light by installing an Arizona Room.

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Design Elements Part II: Add a Garage To Your Home

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