Attached shade vs Stand Alone shade

For most of the installations we do, attached shade structures are the primary choice for homeowners. I’d like to run down some of the benefits of both attached shade structures and stand alone shade structures.

The major attraction to attached shade structure comes with its usage of a sun block for the home. When the shade structure is attached to the house, it defuses a lot of the sun that would potentially invade the home and heat it up beyond the desired level. The real advantage to the attached method is that the shade will greet you right as you step into your backyard. That can make spending time in the backyard a lot more comfortable when all you have to do is open the door and walk straight into your outdoor shaded area. South-facing attached shade structures prevent the sun for searing into the house at all hours. We put shade on the south, east, and west side of our home in Gilbert, and the south side benefits the most. Without that shade, the kitchen would be pretty unbearable in the summer. Attached shade buffers the home from the intense rays of the sun, and creates an extended living space that you and your family can enjoy, right outside your home.

The advantage of having a stand alone shade structure comes mostly from the desire to have a distant oasis that you can retreat to. Having a pergola a fair distance from the house can let you escape from the home and relax in a space set apart from some of the stress that the home can represent. Having a stand alone shade structure allows for the family to enjoy a specific space, maybe by the pool or the garden, where they can gather and play games or eat dinner on a nice evening. The stand alone shade structure adds something special to the backyard; something unique that is separate from your living space. View more outdoor patio shades by Royal Covers today! We also offer incredible Equinox Louvered Roof Systems. Be sure to check these out as well!

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