Aluminum patio covers vs. Wood patio covers

Aluminum or wood for your backyard in Arizona?

The homeowner’s decision to install a patio cover to extend their living space to the outdoors makes a lot of sense. The next decision that must be made, after picking the location, is which material to use for the patio cover. The majority of patio covers are built with either wood or aluminum. These two materials have both advantages and disadvantages, but aluminum always comes out on top.

Aluminum patio covers have two mainstay advantages over wood:Alumawood Solid Patio Covers - Royal Covers of Arizona (17)

1. Patio Cover Durability

Now, most people would not associate aluminum with durability compared to wood, but when it comes to patio covers, aluminum can handle it all. Wind, rain, snow, and sunshine do not break down aluminum like they do with wood. The elements have virtually no effects on the light metal, but will slowly deteriorate wood over time. The upkeep for aluminum patio covers are next to none. If there is a dust storm, simply hose of the cover and it looks brand new. Wood, on the other hand, will need yearly treatment and coatings to keep the elements from breaking it down.

2. Patio Cover Cost

Up front, an aluminum patio cover may cost more than a wood version. However, when you factor in the upkeep needed to prevent wood from rotting, warping, or losing paint/finish, for just a few years of usage, it will exceed your aluminum patio cover every single time. The aluminum cover’s baked on paint is much more durable than any wood finish.

These two primary reasons for choosing aluminum over wood convinced us at Royal Covers of Arizona to pick Alumawood as our backyard shade product of choice. This material looks a lot like wood, but with none of the down sides.

Let us show you how an Alumawood patio cover can improve your backyard today.  We can replace existing wood patio covers with Alumawood or build entirely new structures.

Royal Covers of Arizona is an awning installer in Mesa, Arizona and has been building shade products in Arizona since 1979.

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