7 Reasons to Install a Louvered Patio Roof System

Ever wished you could block the sun over your patio during the really hot Arizona summers and still enjoy its warmth during the winter? If you install a typical patio cover, you have to choose one or the other – whether your patio is covered or not.

But there’s a third option.

A louvered roof system creates a patio area that you can use all year long. A louvered roof is made up of horizontal slats that can be opened or closed to suit your needs.

There are two types of louver systems-manual and automatic. A manual louvered roof requires you to open or close the louvers by hand using a lever. The simple push of a button operates the louvers on an automatic system.

While louvered patio roof systems generally have a higher upfront cost than other types of shade cover, most people agree that they are worth the investment. Below are seven reasons why.

1. You’re in Control

Whether you’re the type who has to have the remote control or just want to have your say over a few things in life, you’ll love the power of a louvered roof.

Sunlight– With the touch of a button or the crank of a lever, you control the amount of sun or shade allowed on your patio or deck.

Temperature– Being in control over the amount of sunlight allowed into your outdoor space also puts you somewhat in control of the temperature on your patio.

While Mother Nature chooses what the weather is like outside, louvers allow you to adjust the temperature of your patio to suit your needs.

If it is hot outside, entirely shutting the louvers will lower the temperature quite a bit simply by preventing the scorching sun from beating down on you. You can also add fans to the area to help further cool the space.

On the other hand, when the temperature is cooler, you can open up those louvers and enjoy the sunlight on your face.

Ventilation– Besides controlling the amount of sunlight and temperature in your patio area, a louvered roof also lets you manage the amount of ventilation.

2. Year-Round Enjoyment

Whether it’s a birthday party in November or a family barbeque in June, having a louvered roof system will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space all year.

Thanks to the insulation provided by the aluminum material and the temperature control mentioned above, you can host parties and entertain guests on your patio no matter what the weather is like outside.

Imagine soaking in your hot tub on a cool winter’s night while gazing up at the stars through your open louvers. Sounds dreamy, right? It doesn’t have to be a dream, though. Make this dream a reality by investing in a louvered patio roof system.

Even if Mother Nature decides to pour down some rain, hopping out of the hot tub is unnecessary. Simply close the louvers and continue enjoying your relaxing evening.

3. Protection and Durability

Aluminum louvers, such as those used in Equinox louvered roof systems, are strong and durable. These louvers can withstand harsh weather conditions; they will not rust or deteriorate and are extremely difficult to damage.

The ability to close the louvers and create a solid roof provides protection for your deck or patio and any furniture or accessories. This added protection will help your patio area and outdoor furniture last for years to come.

4. Beautiful Atmosphere

Not only do louvered roof systems provide practical benefits, but they also add an element of beauty to any home and yard. No matter what landscaping you have in your backyard, a quality shade cover will create a stunning focal point.

Along with beauty and practicality, your louvered roof system will provide an inviting atmosphere to anyone lucky enough to enter your backyard.

A well-built patio cover will also add to the resale value of your home. Potential buyers are sure to take a second look once they see the beautiful atmosphere of your outdoor space.

5. Low-Maintenance

Due to its durable, rust-resistant nature, aluminum requires very little maintenance. Unlike wood patio covers, louvered roof systems made from quality aluminum won’t need to be sealed or re-stained.

Louvered roofs are very easy to keep clean. Simply spray them off with the garden hose. Rotate the louvers to be able to clean the tops. If needed, a soft brush with soap and water can be used.

6. Room For Extras

Accessories or “extras” can easily be added to louvered roof systems. Some popular extras include,

  • Lighting
  • Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Electricity for a Stereo System or TV

7. Energy Efficiency

Last but certainly not least, louvered roof systems can increase your home’s energy efficiency. If attached to your home, a patio cover cools the area around it and limits the number of UV rays entering your home through adjacent windows or doors.

A shaded patio area also lowers the amount of heat your home absorbs. Less heat and UV rays mean that your A/C unit won’t have to work as hard, reducing energy usage and saving you money. And who doesn’t want to save money?!

Choosing to have a louvered roof system installed over your deck or patio is a decision you won’t regret. You’ll love the control, beauty, durability, and energy efficiency of an adjustable louvered patio cover, not to mention the endless entertaining opportunities all year round.


Do you want to enjoy the warmth of the sun on your patio during winter but avoid it during the hot Arizona summers? Opting for a louvered roof system to be installed on your deck or patio is a wise decision that you will not regret. Discover the benefits of installing a louvered patio roofing system in this infographic.

7 Reasons to Install a Louvered Patio Roof System Infographic


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