Solar Panels:  Renewable Energy for the 21st Century

Solar panels are big nowadays, and it makes sense for a lot of energy concerns.  Why? Well a big reason is the environment.

Install Solar Panels Today | (480) 926-2300

Install Solar Panels Today | (480) 926-2300

Renewable Energy and World Population

There is a big need for solar panel installation.  By 2050, the world population is supposed to top 8 billion people.  The more the population grows, the more pressure is put on the environment, particularly where energy sources are concerned.  Fossil fuels are expected to be depleted to the point of exhaustion in just a few decades.  Some power sources such as wind power are great in some areas, but not so great in others, and require bulky infrastructure.   Living so far inland, we obviously can’t make use of tidal power.  So what’s the solution?

That’s where solar power comes in.  Arizona is home to a few solar start-ups and producers because of how much sunshine we get every year.  It is sunny almost year round in Arizona.    Solar power makes sense in a place like here.  The fascinating thing about solar is that even countries that are often overcast such as Germany are making use of solar power because of advances in technology.   Another fun fact about solar power is that if you placed about 200 square miles of solar panels in somewhere like north Africa, you could power the entire planet! And why are people so interested in solar?  Well it is clean energy.  It doesn’t produce any greenhouse gases, nor does it produce any pollution.  The panels are completely recyclable and last for years if not decades.  And if environmental concerns aren’t enough, there is also the money you can save on your power bill.

Solar Panel Installation and Your Light Bill

In our last article we covered using the sun to your advantage with an Arizona room.  Why not take that methodology a step further and make the sun work for you? That’s where solar comes in.

Installing solar panels makes long term financial sense.  After the first year, you can save between 20 and 30% off your utility bill.  This spread out over time is a lot of money, particularly in the summer when utility bills can easily top $400 a month or more.

The solar revolution is here.  You may even witness the disappearance of the power grid in the US as businesses and homes switch to  energy sources such as solar, and generate their own power.  Install solar panels today and ride the wave of change. We invite you to learn more about our Sol-Lux as well. These are incredible money saving additions to your home or business!

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