Manufactured Housing Pt. 3

Manufactured Housing

Part 3
Part three of our series on manufactured housing explores why this housing option is so cheap.


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Why is manufactured housing so cheap? Well it is due to how it is produced. First off, manufactured homes are built using mass production techniques. As such, they are cheaper to produce. And since their construction is modular, modules can be added or subtracted. In a lot of cases, a lot of fancier building materials can be got for a much cheaper rate then retail. A lot of times, several home building kits are all ordered at the same time, which reduces the cost even further.

Another thing that helps manufactured housing get cheaper is a lot of materials that are inexpensive to produce. A lot of resins and other high tech materials used in modular home constructions cost pennies to produce and distribute.


A lot of people ask us “is modular housing a good option for me?” After all, it isn’t for everyone. Modular housing works best with people who are starting with a bare piece of land that they want to establish a building on. It also has to depend on the laws of your particular city. Some places aren’t zoned for manufactured housing. And manufactured housing also requires some special permits depending on whether you’re moving a home that’s already built or one that is coming in pieces to be assembled.

If you find out that your area allows it and you want to get something that is affordable though, then you have more options. One of the best ones is to get manufactured housing today.

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